A feature of most homeowners, auto and farm policies is liability coverage. This coverage protects you if you are sued by a third party.

Typical limits of liability are $100,000/$300,000 for auto insurance and $300,000 for homeowners insurance.

But what if you get sued for a million dollars? We’ve all certainly seen lawsuits in the news for that amount, or even more. That’s where an umbrella liability policy comes in.

What does an umbrella insurance policy do?

An umbrella liability policy does exactly what it sounds like – it “sits” on top of your other policies and provides an additional amount of liability insurance that is available if your other policies run out.

Umbrella policies typically start at $1 million in coverage (and go up from there). Since the umbrella sits on top of your other policies, you’ll typically be required to carry a minimum level of liability coverage on your standard policies.

Can you afford an umbrella?

A million dollars sounds like a like of coverage (and it is), but umbrella rates are surprisingly affordable.

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