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Brick Insurance Group has 4 locations throughout the Mid-Ohio Valley to serve your farm and agribusiness needs. We’re an independent insurance agency and represent many well-respected insurance companies. We’ll work with you to build an insurance program that fits your needs and budget.

Our roots run deep in the farm communities of the Mid-Ohio Valley and we’re experienced insuring farms and ag-related businesses. 

We insure all types of farm operations. Including:

Commercial Growers and Packagers

Wholesale Nurseries

Food Processors & Manufacturers

Grain Elevators

Fertilizer Producers

Equipment Dealers

Convenience Stores and Fuel Distributors

Beverage Producers and Bottlers

Livestock Processors

Our Policies can cover: 

Farm Livestock Insurance

A loss to your animals could mean a loss of profit. Therefore, this coverage can help you recover the results.

Equine Insurance

Horses are often valuable both for farm operations and their market value. Therefore, when you breed or raise horses, a single loss might cost you a lot of money. This coverage can insure your horses against death, injuries, and other hazards.

Farm Equipment Insurance

Should important assets like pumps, rakes, sprayers, and other tools get damaged, then this coverage can help pay for those items.

Tractor & Equipment Insurance

Standard equipment insurance often doesn’t cover tractors or other farm vehicles. You can buy separate coverage to protect these items against damage or other losses.

Farm Dwelling Insurance | FarmOwners Insurance

If you live on your farm, then this policy can cover your home and other personal property.

Farm Structures Insurance

This coverage insures barns, grain silos, and other property.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Vehicles owned by the farm or used in its operations will need commercial auto insurance rather than personal auto insurance.

Farm General Liability Insurance

Your operations or animals might cause bodily injuries or property damage to various third parties, including your clients. This coverage can repay them for their losses.

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